Floods can happen anywhere.

Flood insurance is essential.

We make cheap flood insurance in Abilene Texas and the Big Country easy

Flood Claim

$42,000 was the average flood claim between 2005 & 2014

of Water

Only 6 inches of water in your home can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in damage

of Losses

25% of all flood losses occur in low to moderate risk areas

Consider the cost.

Even if you think your property is at low risk for flood, an affordable policy is best to have when you consider the devastating losses you could sustain in the event of an unexpected flood.

Only a few inches of water in your home can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

At Carlin Insurance we will help you determine, based on your budget and risk, the appropriate and most affordable flood insurance policy.

... and many more

Did you know?

Flood insurance is not provided under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.
Nearly 25% of flood losses occur in homes that are in moderate to low risk zones.
Flood maps in Abilene and the Big Country were recently redrawn. Are you covered?
Flood insurance is required in many areas if you have a mortgage on your property and it lies within a flood zone.

Flood Insurance

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We have flood insurance options to fit your needs, from Low Cost Private Flood Insurance to NFIP and FEMA’s Standard and Preferred policies.