Let us help you save on car insurance.


Here is how we can do that:
1. We can shop your car insurance through our many different insurance carriers to find the right price for you.
2. We can review your current coverage and make suggestions on how you can lower your costs.
3. We can review your current deductibles (your out of pocket expense when there is a claim)
4. We can see if we can bundle Your Auto & Home Insurance for additional discounts
5. We can check and see if you are eligible for a number of different additional discounts, like a Low Mileage Discount if you drive less than 8000 miles in a year. Some other possible discounts are: Billing Plan Discounts, Paid-in-Full Discounts, Electronic Funds Transfers Discounts, Multi-Car Discounts, Advanced Quoting Discounts, Telematics Discounts (Track your driving history to earn additional discounts from 5%-30% for good drivers), Good Student Discounts, Drivers Training Discounts.
6. It is always worth mentioning that maintaining a good credit history is also a good way to reduce the cost of your insurance.
Give us a chance to earn your business and save you money by giving us a call today.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels