Love & Care Ministries is the new Non-Profit we’ve picked for our Referral Program!


We are so excited to have selected Love & Care Ministries for this quarter’s charity for our referral program!
Abilene is our home, and we are passionate about taking care of this community. Our agency’s culture is built around service and compassion – not just for our clients, but for our community as well.
Our team is dedicated to volunteering and getting involved, which is why we created our referral program around giving back. When we receive a referral, we “pay it forward” by donating to a local non-profit organization.
WHAT QUALIFIES AS A REFERRAL? A referral is when someone comes to our office or calls saying they were referred to our agency and would like an insurance quote. We’ll then try to find them better rates and coverage options. That’s it. They are under no obligation to purchase an insurance policy from our agency. We will then donate $10 to our chosen non-profit and deliver a check to them at the end of the three month period.
It works like this…..
1. Our referral program is open to everyone.
2. Our charity of choice will receive a $10 donation for every referral Carlin Insurance receives during a 3 month period.
3. A referral is when an individual or business contacts our agency, on a recommendation from another person, for a no-obligation quote for their insurance needs. We will try to find them a better rate with better coverage.
4. The referred party is not required to purchase an insurance policy with our agency.
5. The person who offered the referral will receive a note acknowledging that our agency received the referral.
6. Our agency will track referrals, and we will notify you of the total number of referrals received at the end of the donation period and we will deliver a check to the chosen charity!
So give us a call and refer us to a friend for a quote today!